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Outsmarting Osteoporosis: An Expert-Led Webinar Buy Bundle (1 video) Outsmarting Osteoporosis: An Expert-Led Webinar

Includes access to the 2 -hour LIVE event on 10/18/23 at 6:30 PM EST PLUS Access to the webinar recording + additional resources. 

In this 2-hour webinar taught by osteoporosis and movement experts you will learn:

  • Ways to manage osteoporosis: pathophysiology and basic metabolism 

  • Current evidence and controversy on OP movement precautions

  • Current evidence on bone density maintenance and improvement 

  • The role of nutrition + supplements in bone health 

  • The essential movement components of mobility, balance and chain expansion 

  • Key elements for optimal strength-building program


If you are a yoga teacher, movement professional, and/or movement geek - this is for you!

This webinar will illustrate a 360 approach to supporting you and your students on their Osteoporosis Journey that is Optimistic, Evidenced; including Mobility, Balance, Strength Building, and strong Foundations that will help you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about this condition.

*With Special Guest, Payal Sahni, PT, DPT, MPT Program Director of New York State Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program

USD $59.00